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Meetings Made Better.

Verbally iMac

Stay focused: A visible agenda creates focus & ensures you don't forget anything.


Value your time: Stay on track with your overall meeting & each topic.


Meetings not Monologues: Give a friendly nudge to overly talkative folks.


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invite virtual meeting assistant to your video call

Add bullet points to the description of your invite. This can be a full agenda or just some helpful notes to remember.

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Invite to your meeting as a participant.

Verbally works with           Google Meet &           Zoom.
Using Microsoft Teams?


That's it! The assistant will join* your meeting, show your points, keep track of time and much more. 

*The assistant joins 5 minutes before your meeting starts or after 5 minutes if you invite it to a running meeting

meeting agenda in description field of meeting invite


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By signing up, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Data Privacy Pledge

in 2 simple steps:


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Verbally Features

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Test Meeting: If you immediately set up a test meeting, the assistant takes 5 min to join.

Test meeting

Instant Changes: Edit the invite during the meeting if you want to change the agenda on the fly.

Instant changes

Durations per Topic: Add a time to your bullet points e.g. "10 min". A sand-timer displays for each one.

Agenda Timer

Connect your calendar with Verbally, so it automatically joins all your meetings!

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"Works like a charm. I love the simplicity in getting started, it’s just like adding another member to the meeting. Having a visible timer & agenda in the meeting has really helped in getting our team focused & reduce over-running meetings, especially during our switch to remote work."

Nicolò Luti
Co-Founder & Managing Director

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