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Connect your calendar with Verbally!
Get seamless support in all of your internal meetings

Verbally will check your calendars for any upcoming Google Meet or Zoom meetings and automatically add itself to any internal company meeting that you have organised.

How Auto-Invite works   

  • Verbally automatically joins all of your internal meetings that you've organized

  • For any external meetings* you will still need to invite the assistant

  • ​Don't need Verbally in a meeting? Disinvite the assistant from the calendar event or remove from a current meeting

Got any questions? Head over to our FAQs or shoot us a message at

*External meetings are meetings that have at least one participant from outside of your company domain

Note: If you don't have a Google account then unfortunately this feature is not yet available yet.

Important! You must tick ALL the check-boxes during the Google sign-in flow for this to work properly. Verbally needs access to edit your calendar events to add itself as an attendee to the meeting.

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